Saturday, 24 February 2018

The suffix "-ster" in "Get Fuzzy"

The follow comic strip displays an excellent use of the suffix "-ster".

Published 10th July 2017

Longman Dictionary defines the suffix "-ster" is as:

1. a person who is.
Eg.: a youngster (a young person),

2. a person who is connected with, deals with, or uses.
Eg.: a trickster (a person who plays deceiving tricks),
a gangster (a member of a gang),
a pollster (someone who carries out polls).

Often, the suffix "-ster"is used in a humorous and/or derogatory manner. It is true in the case of this cartoon strip.

The table below explains the meaning of the root words and the root words + suffix, as used in this comic strip.

Root wordMeaningRoot word + Suffix
Hip Aware, informed, up-to-date, trendy. Also: cool, groovy. (Source)Hipster1. A person who is keenly interested in the latest trends or fashions. 

2. A member of Bohemian counterculture.

3. An aficionado of jazz who considers himself or herself to be hip. (Source)
LimpLacking internal strength, energy or vigour.LimpsterA person who lacks internal strength, energy or vigour. Also: lazy.
DipStupid or foolish.DipsterA stupid or foolish person.

It is good to note that while "limpster" is not yet recognised as an English word, "dipster" is already a widely used slang which means "a person who actually thinks being a hipster is cool. Will never refer to themselves as one, but is obviously trying to be one." It's a blending of "dipshit" and "hipster"(source).

However, in the context of the comic strip, the character Bucky Katt precedes his use of the word "dipster" with his definition: "...he's not smart enough to realize he looks silly," obviously referring to the word "dip", a slang in North America which means stupid or foolish.

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