Monday, 11 November 2013

Appendix ME

I. Teensie21 (

1. Yantie: hobbies?
2. Teensie21: nothing special…
3. Yantie: shake leg and bird watching
4. Teensie21: shake leg?
5. Yantie: loafing around, day dreaming, etc
6. Teensie21: ahh.. I see
7. Yantie: do you know what I mean by bird watching
8. Teensie21: um… watching birds? @#$%
9. Yantie: I’m sorry, but I actually mean watch girls but don’t get me wrong I’m no peeping tom
10. Teensie21: so you refer to girls as birds
11. Yantie: yeap, how do you refer to boy in your part of the world?
12. Teensie21:nothing special…. guys, dudes, studs…… those stuff

II. riev (~jml@P37.ASC- MB04.QZN.SKYNET.NET)

1. yantie: Hello…
2. riev: hello
3. yantie: where are you from?
4. riev: phillipines
5. yantie: there was a girl earlier who was from phil
are you the same person?
7. riev: no I just joined in
8. yantie: a/s
9. riev: 20/f
11. yantie: 24 male from malaysia
12. riev: ok..
13. yantie: hobbies=shake leg, and go bird watching
14. riev: I like that too
why do you shake your legs?
16. yantie: shake legs=loafing, day dreaming
17. riev: what do you dream about?
18. yantie: ambitions, girls, fast bikes
19. riev: hmmm
20. yantie: why hmm?
21. riev: I like doing the same things
only I think about men
and planes
24. yantie: fav food and drinks
25. riev: salad
26. yantie: drinks?
27. riev: water (?)
29. yantie: skyjuice
30. riev: what’s that?
31. yantie: h20 hahaha….smile….
32. riev: rain! …hahaha..
33. yantie: got any member in Malaysia?
34. riev: none
35. yantie: describe yourself?
36. riev: brown eyes, black eyes, black wavy hair,
38. yantie: that’s a pretty attractive package
details (i.e. measurements?)
40. riev: 102Ibs
42. yantie: 175cm, 75kgs, tanned muscular, straight hair
43. riev: cool
how do you look like?
45. yantie: like Shah Rukh Khan
46. riev: who’s he?
47. yantie: hindustani movie star…. haha
48. riev: hmm…
sounds really exotic
50. yantie: you like exotic things?
51. riev: do you have heavy lided eye?
53. yantie: yeap, definitely
how about you?
55. riev: no
I got to go have class in 15 minutes
58. yantie: what class
just skip the class. that’s what I’m doing
60. riev: no
I can’t do that
my teacher eats his students
and I have a crush on him
64. yantie: have a crush on me.
65. riev: my teacher
66. yantie: then you can skip class to be with me
67. riev: no really can’t
68. yantie: come on, pls pls
I’m really starting to enjoy your company
70. riev: I really like you company too
so I’m hoping to bump into you again
72. yantie: then don’t go
73. riev: some time soon
74. yantie: I’m just about to tackle you
75. riev: what about that?
76. yantie: clarify pls
77. riev: well I will be around
just check my name
or email me
80. yantie: email?
81. riev: yes
82. yantie: what’s your email add
83. riev:
84. yantie: thanks. I’ll get in touch very soon
85. riev: good
bye bye
take care
88. yantie: same to you
89. riev: bye

III. freespirit18 (nadiakab@

1. Macdean: so where is you place of origin…..home I mean.
2. Freespirit18: Amsterdam
3. Macdean: very nice one lah so did you watch the world cup
4. Freespirit18: have you ever been there
5. Macdean: nope, like to though
6. Freespirit18: just the last few games and when holland was lpaing
7. Macdean: was lpaing
8. Freespirit18: Playin
9. Macdean: okay, so you no tension holland lost
10. Freespirit18: no not really
11. Macdean: so I guess your not a football fan? what are you into?
12. Freespirit18: no not at all
13. Macdean: Hobbies likes dislikes?
14. Freespirit18: go shopping an iternet
15. Macdean: so you have to be loaded to be able to shopping a lot
16. Freespirit18: yeah I guess so
17. macdean: what glamour glamour brands you like
18. freespirit18: Everything that looks good cheap or expensive
19. macdean: so you have to plans to round round malaysia
20. freespirit18: no not really but I have to go see my
21. macdean: where are your parents
22. freespirit18: in franc
23. macdean: so everybody ever where in you family
24. macdean: so you got solid body or not?
25. freespirit18: in france well I work out everyday
26. macdean: Measurements?
27. freespirit18: 170cm
28. macdean: I’m 175…..others….?
29. freespirit18: thin brown hair, blue eyes your typical model
30. macdean: wow you so terror got stylo
can I tackle you?
31. freespirit18: depends where
32. macdean: where would you allow me to?
33. freespirit18: I don’t know
34. macdean: you itchy one, come one tell me lah
35. freespirit18: where are you from?
36. macdean: what do you mean?
37. (after a long pause) hello?
38. freespirit18: I want to know were you live
39. macdean: malaysia
40. freespirit18: ok

IV. Wine ( Gerard @ ppp-

1. Wine: How about u?
2. ____________________
3. Wine: bye
4. Yantie: student. National University of Malaysia. So glamour one.
5. Wine: HUH!!!!
6. Yantie: What HUH
7. Wine: so glamour one????
8. Yantie: its the best university in Malaysia
9. Wine: oh, I’m sorry I didn’t understand
10. Yantie: fav food and drinks
11. Wine: Pasta, Prosciutto, Pizza, Martini, Coke
12. Wine: and u?
13. Yantie: I simply like sky juice
14. Wine: what’s that
15. Yantie: plain H20
16. Wine: That’s the best thirst quencher
17. Yantie: thanks
18. Yantie: but what do you study in college
19. Wine: oh sorry wrong person
20. Wine: I go to the university of Alberta
21. Yantie: Major??????
22. Wine: Business
23. Wine: Sorry about that
24. Wine: I was talking to someone else
25. Yantie: okay, got any m’sian member in your university?
26. Wine: no
27. Yantie: describe yourself
28. Wine: very dark hair, green eyes, 5’ 3”
29. Yantie: thats nice
30. Yantie: measurements?
31. Wine: 34, 26, 36
32. Yantie: wowwww!!!!, so power onelah.
33. Wine: normal
34. Wine: why do those measurement turn you on?
35. Yantie: They don’t turn me on, they just make things more interesting, no boring boring one.
36. Wine: Now what that supposed to mean- NO BORING BORING ONE
37. Yantie: = this chat can be a very interesting, casual and friendly conversation
38. Wine: Hellooooo, pls use language that I could understand
39. Wine: Why use all these weird words?*@##$%**&^
40. Yantie: im just one itchy bugger
41. Wine: are you a guy
42. Wine: What the hell does that mean?
43. Yantie: Yes definately
44. Yantie: what?
45. Wine: itchy bugger?????????
46. Yantie: a little bit naughty around girls
47. Wine: how naughty
48. Yantie: girls over here often call/ refer to me as a ‘crocodile’
49. Wine: GROSSS!!!!
50. Yantie: Why GROSSS? Do you know what connotation the word croc carries over here?
51. Wine: WHAT?!!!!!1
52. Yantie: flirtatious
53. Yantie: Are you flirtatious?
54. Wine: im shy
55. Yantie: really
56. Wine: yeah
57. Yantie: do you mind if I tackle you
58. Wine: ....... uh ......yah
59. Yantie: uh yah........ what?
60. Wine: yah. I would mind. I’m not like that
61. Yantie: do you really know what im up to
62. Wine: no and who cares
63. Wine: are u jerking off
64. Yantie: what does the mean jerking off?
65. Wine: Shut up. If you that dumb I can’t talk to you anymore
66. Yantie: hold it... I was just making a pass at you
67. Yantie: dont be so action one
68. Wine: you were?
69. Yantie: no need to lose cool
70. Wine: Action one?????
71. Yantie: Snobbish
72. Wine: im not
73. Wine: What pass. I missed that
74. Yantie: what I meant by tackle was, making a pass at u - i.e courting
75. Wine: I know, what are you up to?
76. Yantie: okay, I’ll be truthful now
77. Yantie: I’d like to know you more intimately........ no experiments
78. Yantie: please e- mail add
79. Wine: I have a boyfriend
80. Wine: forget it
81. Yantie: you could, have two or be my spare tire
82. Wine: shouldn’t you be concentrating on your homework
83. Wine: Spare tire???????
84. Yantie: this is my homework
85. Yantie: second girl in my life
86. Wine: yah, you’ll get somewhere with that
87. Yantie: don’t be so blur one
88. Wine: blur?????
89. Wine: Another one of those word,,,....
90. Yantie: bye thanks for your coop
91. Wine: eh.
92. Yantie: blur: confused
93. Wine: don’t be such a retard
94. Wine: retard = yantie
95. Yantie: pls dont start calling names
96. Yantie: where adults
97. Yantie: no need to be like this
98. Wine: it’s an experiment
99. Yantie: YUp
100. Yantie: friends?
101. Wine: you can be my other set of croches
102. Yantie: Will I be close to your breasts
103. Wine: no my ARM PITS
104. Yantie: Are they hairy like king Kong?
105. Wine: yes, like your mother
106. Yantie: if they are shaven then
107. Yantie: my mom is deceased
108. Wine: if thats true, I’sm sorry, if not that was not smart
109. Yantie: Thats true
110. Wine:dead mom are very upsetting to me
111. Wine:my apologies
112. Yantie: apologies accepted
113. Wine: bye.
114. Yantie: im very happy and feel lucky to have such a good chat with you.
115. Wine: Thank you
116. Yantie: Frankly speaking, I enjoyed it. bye.

V. Eri ( )

1. Strato- Q: Hello.....
2. Eri: hi
3. Strato- Q: where are u from
4. Eri: lisbon
5. Strato- Q: a/ s
6. Eri: 16/ f
7. Eri: U?
8. Strato- Q: 19/ m. Pretty good looking too
9. Eri: god
10. Strato- Q: Yes I can be god if you like me to
11. Strato- Q: hobbies?
12. Eri: oh yee?
13. Strato- Q: Yes
14. Strato- Q: your body solid or not?
15. Eri: yes
16. Strato- Q: how solid
17. Strato- Q: .........?
18. Eri: .......yes?
19. Strato- Q: measurements?
20. Eri: 83-62-84
21. Eri: 1.72m
22. Strato-Q: Wowww, so I tackle you, you don’t mind ahh.
23. Eri: What about you
24. Strato-Q: What about me?????
25. Eri: How do you look like
26. Strato-Q: very power one, by Malaysian standard, I’m quite tall
27. Strato-Q: tanned, muscular.... I like sports
28. Eri: me too:
29. Eri: what sports??
30. Strato-Q: tennis, soccer, rugby, swimming
31. Strato-Q: and you
32. Eri: tennis, swimming
33. Strato-Q: mind if I tackle you
34. Starto- Q: oopps sorry
35. Starto- Q: wanna go play
36. Eri: yes
37. Starto- Q: name the time and place
38. Eri: I’m in portugal
39. Starto- Q: Got to go now bye
40. Eri: bye
41. Strato-Q: bye.

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